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Beat The Heat With Cool Relief

The Equicool Equestrian brand is Australian owned. We make a majority of our products in Australia from imported materials.

Our Polyamide/Polyester fabric naturally helps heat evaporate from the body. When the heat evaporates, the body cools up to 20 Degrees. Our idea is to help the body as naturally as possible. Our range of products follows the same concept and simple application technique. 

We aim to provide you with the best possible products to stay cool to achieve your goals. 

Stay cool and get next-level performance.

Equicool Performance Systems


Equicool Equestrian

From leg wraps to dog coats we have your fur-family covered.
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Cool Edge

Cool Edge

Our clothing range that will keep you cool no matter your activity.
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Animal's Benefit

Animal's Benefit​

Our natural pet care range and fun toys.
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