Hyper-Cool Equestrian Products.

Stay Cool.
Perfom Better.

Stay Innovative Cool Refreshed Hydrated & beat the heat.

Ever wanted to complete a ride, without ending up a sweaty mess? Or maybe your horse struggles in the heat and is flat during a workout?

It’s hard to stay cool in Australia’s climate, and sometimes nature needs a little help.

Our hyper-cool equestrian products help the natural process of evaporation along. With moisture-wicking fabric that draws moisture and heat from the body, you and your horse can stay cool and perform to your best.

See how it works here.

Staying cool with our products is not only more comfortable but includes a wide range of benefits for you and your horse:

  • Stay cool and have more energy
  • Essential health support
  • Highly absorbent
  • Quick-drying
  • Cools faster
  • UVA 15+
  • UVB 50+
  • Cools naturally
  • Reduces sweat
  • Stretches 4 ways
  • Reduces heat exhaustion
  • Use it wet for instant cool relief

*Disclaimer: testing for each product has been conducted on a small number of participants. All participants demonstrated between 5-20 degrees of temperature drop within 15 mins. Temperatures were taken before and after with the same Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun. All participants have reported relief from the heat, more energy and a general feeling of being cooler.

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